Presentation Tips


Some tips I learnt during the academic presentation experience.

Put Your Conclusion First Every Slide

This is a common mistake if you do not pay attention to, you need to tell people what you want them to know first. Because usually, we tend to present all details of analysis and figures but we can not forget that people want to gain something from your slides so provide this take-home or general conclusion sentence in the beginning of your presentation.

How to answer Questions

Give one word answer first then explain why.

This is more the American way of spoken English. For example,

No, I do not think A leads to B. Let me explain why.


Yes, I agree with you. Let me elaborate on it.


  • For each slide, think before present it.
  • Show conclusion
  • show problems and how to solve
  • At lease what you are planning to do to solve it, then the question goes to whether the solution is reasonable or not. How to improve it. This is much more important!
  • DO NOT ONLY PRESENT the problem but do solve it or propose how to solve it.

Reading Paper

  • Whenever read a paper, prepare a slide to summarize it
  • Track and easy to trace and share to others


ConclusionFirst slide with conclusion / summary first

Review of the project / complete the loop / have something to show people

Done the whole thing / of course there are things to do

Stop complaining and keep working together

Take responsibility

Emailing your questions and collect responses

have a good story to tell where you are

organize the project

Written on May 4, 2020