• Chickens slaughtered in the United States, claim officials in Brussels, are not fit to grace European tables.


  • These days, it is differences in national regulations, far more than tariffs, that put sand in the wheels of trade between rich countries. I

put sand in the wheels of表达出阻止,阻碍的含义

  • An electric razor that meets the European Union’s safety standards must be approved by American testers before it can be sold in the United States, and an American-made dialysis machine needs the EU’s okay before is hits the market in Europe.

be approved by American testers before it can be sold in the United States

needs the EU’s okay before is hits the market in Europe


be sold = hit the market

be approved by = needs other’s okay

  • One difficulty is to construct the agreements. The Americans would happily reach one accord on standards for medical devices and them hammer out different pacts covering, say, electronic goods and drug manufacturing. The EU – following fine continental traditions – wants agreement on general principles, which could be applied to many types of products and perhaps extended to other countries.

注意这段精彩的表述——如何先给出一个结论在,分别展开描述。在这里描写美国方面的时候使用了:reach one accord on, hammer out等动词生动活泼;欧洲这是一个插入语,following fine continental traditions,wants agreement on general principles 。注意又是一处,相同含义的不同表达。


Officials of->Chickens Brussels->slaughtered claim->in that chicken killed in->the United States, claim is->officials not->in appropriate->Brussels, are for->not the->fit dinner->to table of->grace European tables. However->No, say the Americans->American: our declare that their chickens->fowl are good->fine, we and->simply the->clean only->them problem->in is that those chickens are proposed in->a different washing->way. These methods. Nowadays->days, it is the differences between->in different->national countries->regulations, far management->more rules->than not->tariffs, that the->put taxes->sand that barricade->in the wheels of trade between developed->rich countries. Not->It only->is are->not the->just famers->farmers who are complaining. An electric razor suited->that meets the European Union's safety standards of Europe must be approved by the->American US examining officials->testers before it can be sold in USA; still, dialysis->the machine->United produced->States, and by->an American-made should->dialysis be->machine approved->needs by->the Europe->EU's okay before it->is can enter->hits the European market.

happening->in safely->Europe. As used->it electric->happens, a razor that is safe in Europe may->is not->unlikely cause->to electrocutes->electrocute in->Americans. So, ask United->businesses States, so->on companies->both between->sides of the Atlantic, why are->have questioning->two when->lots one->of test->tests system->where can->one solve->would quality->do? Politicians problem->agree, why->in we->principle, so need->America two? General->and agreement of->the politicians->EU has->have been reached, so, United->trying States->to and->reach European->a Union->deal keep->which looking->would for->eliminate reaching->the some accords->need to end the double tests of->-test many products. They hope to reach->finish an->in agreement->time as->for soon->a as possible to prepare for the->trade summit of trade between United States->America and European->the Union which will be held->EU on May 28.Altought->28TH. Although both sides of negotiation->negotiators are optimistic but ->, the accord->details is->are so->complex complex->enough that the difficult they meet->may would->be probably->hard-pressed stop->to them->get from->a getting->deal accord.

->at why->all. Why? One problem->difficulty is drafting->to these->construct accords->the agreements. The Americans prefer->would to->happily reach a->one pact->accord on medical->standards instrument->for standards->medical firstly->devices and then->them hammer out other->different pacts for->covering, say, electronic including->goods something->and like->drug electronics and medicine->manufacturing. However, according->The to->EU -- following the long good->fine continental tradition , the->traditions -- wants European->agreement hope to reach a->on general rules->principles, which and these rules can->could be applied to different->many kinds->types of products and tended->perhaps extended to other countries.

Written on November 27, 2014